Rik de Voest Tribute To Scott McCain

Mar 4, 2017
Rik de Voest / ATP Player

In my first event with Scott (McCain) as my coach, I fulfilled a childhood dream by qualifying for the men’s singles championships at Wimbledon. A few months later, I qualified and made the 2nd round of the US Open and would go on to achieve my career-high singles ranking of no. 110. Through Scott’s coaching, guidance, wisdom and understanding of my personality, I played at all the Majors, won 2 ATP doubles titles, and at the time held the world record for the most challenger doubles titles (now surpassed by the Ratiwatana twin brothers).

Over the 7 years Scott and I worked together, Scott became more than just a coach, he became a mentor, confidant, and father-like figure. I appreciated his tennis insight and the ability to see and make minor adjustments in my game to keep up with the every changing men’s game. Over and above Scott’s exceptional coaching ability and years of experience at a variety of coaching levels, I valued his friendship. I evolved as a person and player, and learned to understand that life was more than about the tennis tour. Scott saw it as his responsibility to help, guide, educate, and shape his students (myself included) and help us appreciate the gifted life of a professional athlete.

The relationship between a player and coach is built on trust and respect and this needs to be reciprocated. Celebrating wins, evaluating losses, and continually adapting and learning, I came to truly respect and appreciate Scott’s values, ethics, guidance, and friendship. I am truly fortunate to have worked with Scott and believe he has helped shape me into the person I am today.

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