Robert Davis

Robert has 27 years’ experience as a professional tennis coach. He serves as the GPTCA national president for Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Singapore.

On the ATP World Tour, Robert has been the coach of Aisam Qureshi for 15 years, and Christopher Rungkat of Indonesia for 10 years. Davis has served as Technical Director and National Coach for Peru, Panama, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and Singapore. Robert is the Technical Director of Tennis Operations at Sport Singapore.

His experience as a photo-journalist and travel adventurer has taken him to the warzones of Afghanistan as an embed journalist, sailing in the Banda Sea and motorcycling the mountains of Laos. He has been a regular contributor to the Bangkok Post, Phnom Penh Post, Jakarta Post, Asian Geographic, PASSPORT, Southeast Asia Yachting Magazine, and ASIA NEWS NETWORK.

Robert can be contacted via email at editor@elitetennis.org

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