Player’s Perspective – Varvara Lepchenko

Mar 16, 2017
WTA Player with a career-high ranking of World No. 19

What are you looking for when you call your coach to the court during a match?

VARVARA LEPCHENKO: I am looking for very short, brief feedback. I just need 2-3 sentences, as brief as possible, so I can remember, and it needs to be specific.

What is it about holding serve on the WTA Tour that makes it so challenging?

VL: Lack of speed and accuracy.

What is your mindset when serving in pressure situations?

VL: To make my first serve. Even if I have to add more spin. I want to get my first serve in play.

Is there any noticeable differences in your attitude towards receiving feedback from your coaches during your menstrual cycle? VL: I would say that I am much more sensitive. On coaching criteria. Do you prefer your coach to be more critical of your errors or more positive with your winners and forcing errors? VL: Not more critical, but paying attention to my errors and to work on them in the training. But also, highlight what I am doing right. Do you prefer your coach to focus on what are your strengths when game-planning or design a strategy around your opponent’s weaknesses?…
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