Feb 24, 2018
Jordan Thompson / ATP Player
US Open 2017 – Jordan Thompson defeats Jack Sock 6-2, 7-6 (12), 1-6, 5-7, 6-4 (Thompson needed 6 set points in the second set and lost 2 match points in the fourth set)


What were you thinking when you lost the lead in the 2nd set and then needed all those set points to win the 2nd set?

JT: I always pride myself on competing hard for every point so when the 2nd set wasn’t going the way I would’ve liked it to have gone I told myself just to keep hanging in there and that anything can happen if I just give myself a chance.

You played a tough 4th set and lost two match points. The American crowd was definitely on Sock’s side and the atmosphere quickly became like Davis Cup. What thoughts went through your mind on the sit down before the 5th?

JT: At the sit down after the 4th set I was obviously very disappointed and quite down on myself but I was also thinking there is still a lot of tennis to be played and that physically I am ready, so I just told myself to give it my all and try to look forward and put the the first 4 sets of the match behind me. Were you at anytime thinking of past chances in the match after losing the match points in the 4th? JT: After I had those match points in the 4th set I thought back…
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