The Prince of Physios

Mar 13, 2017
Bill Norris is now in his forty-third year in professional tennis. He is the founding father of the ATP Sports Medicine Committee and in addition to caring for the players on the ATP World Tour he served as Administrator of Medical Services. He was honored by the International Tennis Hall of Fame for his contributions to the game of tennis.

How has physiotherapy changed/progressed since you retired?

BILL NORRIS: More new research learned in spine rehabilitation and elbow injury protocols. Newer rese-arch in use of super pulsed therapeutic low level laser application.

What are the more common injuries today compared to then?

BN: More occurrence of the high ankle sprains.

Do you notice a rise in injuries?

BN: Yes. Players are playing more and not spending more time to recover.

More players are touring with physios than ever before? What advise do you have for today’s physiotherapist on the Tour? BN: Yes. With players making more money, they can afford to travel with personal Physio. Best advice is to listen to your patient more! What advice would you give a player who has pain? BN: Work with your Physio and learn better ways of preventing overuse injury and illness. What advice would you give tennis coaches today about high intensity training sessions on court and off court? BN: Tennis coaches need to listen to their players and to their individual…
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