Talking Shop with David Witt – Coach of Venus Williams

Feb 23, 2018

In 2006, David Witt became the coach for Venus Williams. David talks with ELITE about Venus, changes on the WTA Tour and advice for new coaches to the WTA Tour.

What makes Venus special in your eyes?

DW: One of the most impressive things about Venus is she never makes excuses. If she loses she takes all the blame and never puts it on someone else. You see so much on the tour that if a player is struggling the next thing you know the coach is fired. Venus is incredibly loyal.

How has WTA changed since you came on the WTA Tour? DW: The depth is much deeper today than I can ever recall. I remember back when I started with Venus, I did not even have to worry too much until the quarterfinals or semifinals. If Venus lost it had more to do with her than say getting beaten by a better player. Not anymore, there are so many dangerous women you can run into in the first round that I have to do more scouting with every changing season. Back then she (Venus) was younger, maybe even a little…
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