Why My Academy Wins

Feb 7, 2017
Magnus Norman / ATP Coach

When I am home I am on the court everyday with our players and coaches. This year I will be working with our older players and mainly the boys.

I feel we have a unique set up at our academy. We are a small player in the big tennis world. We are from a small country with very limited financial recourses. We have 11 full time coaches on around 20 players. We are therefore very selective with the groups and the players that we have at GTG. We never promise anything except a 100% focus and determination in helping the player. We are thinking about nothing else then only what is best for this particular player. I would say specially from the age of 12 to 18 that I am very proud of what we have been doing and are doing.

Honestly, we don’t have the best facilities but what we are doing I’m quite proud about. We put all our resources on the court. Sometimes I think to myself it would be a better investment to put more money into marketing. Like a nice homepage, nice marketing material or nice looking reports for the academy but every time I come back to why we started the academy. Then the choice is easy to keep investing more in the program and what’s happening on the court.

We have done many mistakes for sure during the fist 5 years since we started our academy. Hopefully we learn along the way. One of the mistakes is being way to generous with giving out scholarships and financial support without anything in return. Good to Great has given multiple million Euro in support to different players with the help of our partners. Many times we have financed the travel, hotel bills and other expenses without asking for a penny back. We have done this because we wanted to help. It has not had the effect I was hoping for. I…
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